Women Rising Series

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We are talking with badass women on an amazing range of real issues. Bringing inspiration and magic! Join us weekly for this series!

With Miranda Clendening, Rachel Morrison, Robyn Davis, Ondrea Lynn, Danielle E Molella, Debbie Garcia as we tackle issues in these hard times with COVID-19 lockdowns and shut-downs, protests, divisions, and how to keep the faith and love and unify as much as possible

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Miranda Clandening

Miranda is the global operations director for The Center for Reinventing the Planet an initiative of The Empowerment Institute. She helps run initiatives The Peace on Earth by 2030 Game and Cool Block - a set of frameworks that bring communities together to transform their neighbourhoods to become resilient and sustainable. Miranda Clendening is also a Director for "UNIFY the World" 501c3 also known as UNIFY (Unify.org). She has background as an Executive Director and technology integration specialist for multiple large and small scale non-profit humanitarian groups, in the healthcare industry, as a holistic nurse, regenerative whole-systems community development, and large scale event facilitation.




Debbie Garcia

I am known for my work with that beautiful word gratitude and the phrase I’ve coined, Spark the G-vibe (that’s your gratitude vibration). My other favorite statement is ‘Without your dark, you wouldn’t know your spark” which most everyone can connect with. I eat, breath, sleep, dance with and adore gratitude.

Alexandra Loves

Initiated Spiritual Worker And Guide
The best answer is always inside you!
The foundation of Alexandra’s work is grounded in drawing out inner wisdom as the remedy for any imbalance in life. She has spent a life-time cultivating empathic, physic, intuitive, and dream work gifts, now, divinely initiated through her spiritual family in the temples of West Africa. She is one of many oracles and healers in her bloodline. She is a keeper of the divinity practices of her spiritual family. She has more than fifteen years of consciously studying intuitive spirituality and jnana yoga (science of self-knowledge.) She is a Certified in Love Attraction Coach™ trained by Kathryn Alice. Alexandra is also a seasoned entrepreneur and mentor of women growing their new businesses in their own light work.

Danielle Molella

In 2004, while living in Seattle, Danielle decided to get professional training in something that felt very natural to her, helping people heal. She continued to work full-time as a designer while she went to school at night and on the weekends to become a Licensed Massage Practitioner and Professional Bowenwork Practitioner. The West coast is a wonderful place to explore alternative health. Danielle is grateful to receive her training out West and very excited to be able to share her knowledge and healing here in the Hudson Valley.

Since moving back, Danielle has expanded her knowledge of the body by taking advanced training classes in Applied Myoskeletal Therapy, the ARC Method and is certified in the Zone Technique.

Danielle practices Bowen Therapy her private office in Millbrook, NY and also takes appointments Poughkeepsie, NY. She is passionate about helping others on their journey to physical and emotional healing.

Karen Palmer

Karen Palmer is a mom who made a wish that sparked a kindness revolution. She has gone from homeless to becoming a Global Kindness Leader and Internationally known educator. Karen is a best-selling author and popular online talk show host. Her organization is dedicated to educating children and families about environmental issues, animal advocacy, kindness, mindfulness, and compassion.

Ondrea Lynn

Ondrea Lynn is the bestselling author of the book, Born Enough. Her passion is to help you know and except that you are enough. She mentors you into enoughness in all areas of your life ...body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Ondrea has the ability to understand your true nature through the eyes of the Divine, and she helps you create and embody your true divine reflection in the world. Ondrea has helped thousands of people reach their personal health and wellness goals, and improve their physical and nutritional health as well as their emotional and spiritual well-being. She has been featured on the cover or Women’s World Magazine and on the Lifetime Television show, Mission Makeover.

Robyn Davis

Creative Tech-Savvy Artist, Intuitive Strategist and Branding Alchemist with 30 years of pioneering experience in marketing, technology, innovation & social media. Founder of The Mothership Alliance: www.mothershipalliance.org

Rachel Morrison

Rachel directs global partnerships, asks question and develops teams that bring the possibility of inspired impact into grounded action. She is dedicated to global health and bringing the body of humanity back into balance with all of life.

Rachel brings her diverse background and insights to support a thriving generative future. She has been a pioneer in regenerative culture and is a strong advocate for redefining the value of the planet through authentic connection.

Her ability to create an intimate atmosphere in which people can be honest about the complexities of the world from both systemic to personal levels has helped Rachel become a sought-out voice in the collective narrative committed to a coherent path forward.