Women Rising Series

With Unify

Brought to you by Unify and Spirituality Gone Wild, Women Rising is a weekly live broadcast that brings empowered women together to discuss realities and solutions for women everywhere. 


Some of the topics we discuss include:


  • Self Care/Self-Love/Personal transformation
  • Our View of the World - What’s Real
  • Breaking out of Matrix
  • Having an Amazing Life
  • Health and wellness/Fitness/Nutrition/Personal transformation
  • Activating Appreciation/Gratitude Magic
  • Women in Business
  • Relationships/Communication
  • Climate Change


Join Debbie G Sliker, Miranda Clendening and Rachel Morrison as they explore and discuss impactful subjects that make a difference in the world.

You can feel better, look better, get younger, be happier, become more alive, stop hurting, heal and transform. Don’t limit yourself to past beliefs, Rise With Us!


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Meet The Hosts

Miranda Clendening

Miranda is the global operations director for The Center for Reinventing the Planet an initiative of The Empowerment Institute. She helps run initiatives The Peace on Earth by 2030 Game and Cool Block - a set of frameworks that bring communities together to transform their neighbourhoods to become resilient and sustainable. Miranda Clendening is also a Director for "UNIFY the World" 501c3 also known as UNIFY (Unify.org). She has background as an Executive Director and technology integration specialist for multiple large and small scale non-profit humanitarian groups, in the healthcare industry, as a holistic nurse, regenerative whole-systems community development, and large scale event facilitation.




Debbie G Sliker

I am known for my work with that beautiful word gratitude and the phrase I’ve coined, Spark the G-vibe (that’s your gratitude vibration). My other favorite statement is ‘Without your dark, you wouldn’t know your spark” which most everyone can connect with. I eat, breath, sleep, dance with and adore gratitude.

Rachel Morrison

Rachel directs global partnerships, asks question and develops teams that bring the possibility of inspired impact into grounded action. She is dedicated to global health and bringing the body of humanity back into balance with all of life.

Rachel brings her diverse background and insights to support a thriving generative future. She has been a pioneer in regenerative culture and is a strong advocate for redefining the value of the planet through authentic connection.

Her ability to create an intimate atmosphere in which people can be honest about the complexities of the world from both systemic to personal levels has helped Rachel become a sought-out voice in the collective narrative committed to a coherent path forward.

Special Guests

Brooke Emery and Tammy Lawman

are the Co-Founders of Link Lab LLC, where their motto is “Do Good and Have Fun!”

Brooke and Tammy created the Self Love & Self Care Symposium because they wanted to learn to take better care of themselves while also being powerful connectors and serving their clients. They are passionate about sharing all they have learned with you, so you can know that you are worthy of being loved, supported and cared for by the universe in the most magical ways!

Their mission is to bring you the world’s best experts and resources to help you love and appreciate your unique gifts and talents … and to take better care of your mind, body, spirit, and soul. You deserve to have an abundant supply of energy, happiness, peace, and prosperity!