Joe Atalig

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Joe Atalig is a speaker, personal growth coach, published author and founder of The Love Wave, a movement that is purposed to teach, impart and demonstrate the undeniable possibilities when we look at life through the lens of love.

After over 30 years in Corporate America, Joe suffered through numerous life-threating medical conditions that included 8 eye surgeries that left him blind in one eye, kidney failure, a kidney transplant, and triple bypass heart surgery. 

Upon return to work, he learned his job had been eliminated.

To top things of, he ended a 25 year marriage.  All of these life events served as catalysts for him to discover his soul’s work:  to be an advocate to cement the idea that Love is Still the Answer to all of life’s questions. Joe knows that without unity, a wave cannot be formed.  He firmly believes the same about humanity; in order for love to have a powerful ripple effect on the planet, we must end unity.

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