Dr. Sharron Stroud


Sharron Stroud lives in Desert Crest Country Club with her dog Miss Minnie, above Palm Springs, where she resided for 18 years.  Sharron feels blessed by the unobstructed view of the open prairie and the majestic mountains, which provide a deeply spiritual atmosphere and are reminiscent of the Himalayas.  Desert Crest provides four wonderful Mineral Hot Springs, which she partakes of everyday and finds the benefit of the minerals a healing balm for the body and a gift to the soul.  


  She also enjoys writing poetry and is currently completing her book, The Saint, The Witness and the Angel, which is a transformational journey to enlightenment.  


Sharron has served the New Thought Movement as a minister for 45 years and is invited to travel all over the world presenting her message for those who are hungry for a self affirming and positive way of life.  She was also  unanimously voted in as the President of the International Foundation for World Peace and Research when she was presenting at Madonna University in Nigeria, Africa.  Her board includes luminaries from all over the world, i. e. medical doctors, professor's, attorney's and other professionals, who have distinguished themselves in their chosen fields.


Sharron was presented with the Human Rights Award of Palm Springs and the Mayor honored her with a Proclamation that declared it to be Dr. Sharron Stroud Day!  She received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the White House, the International Peace Prize from Madonna University, Top 100 Speaker's of the World Award from Cambridge, England.  The Soroptimists International named her Woman of the Year of the Southwest and she had the privilege of serving on the Nobel Peace Prize Nominating Commission in Oslo, Norway.  If you walk down the streets of Palm Springs at the Village Green Heritage Center, in front of a Bronze Indian Matriarch sculpture, you will see a star on the sidewalk, bestowed by the Palm Springs Walk of Fame, which reads:  Dr. Sharron Stroud, Humanitarian and Minister of Peace.