Serenity Sam

The Law Of Attraction Teacher-Alignment Alchemy

Serenity Sam is a practicing Positivitist, Breakthrough Coach, Addiction Recovery
Specialist, Public Speaker, Musician, Workshop Leader, Artist and Host for the live
broadcast show “Alignment Alchemy” Serenity believes we can “Live A Life In Love”
given the right inspiration, love and encouragement to walk deeper “Into The Light” of
Personal Knowing, Power and Spiritual Co-Creation
Serenity Sam has been on a path of more and more happiness for the past 21 years,
tackling her own addictions and dark night of the soul. She is clean off of drink, drugs,
cigs, food, and co-dependent relationships for 18 years plus. She has found peace,
happiness and great clarity of mind through many different practices and methods, and
she is eager to share with you all she has learned, in a co-creative spirit of mutual
Serenity Sam is also a professional drum kit drummer, singer and songwriter, producer
and chaneller of pure positive energy and is very excited to bring more of the arts through
shows, songs, meditations, workshops, teaching and encouraging others to live their
creative dreams and express themselves spiritually.