Scott Stanfield

The Modern Longevitarian

Hello, My name Scott Stanfield and I am a Modern Longevitarian. It's unlikely that a boy who grew up on the outskirts of Columbia, South Carolina would one day be teaching and coaching people on how to increase their healthspan and lifespan, but here we are. The story begins back in the year 2003 when my life came to a crossroads of sorts. My Dad, my hero and the toughest person I knew was forced to pause and take a knee when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. At the time, he was 55 and it seemed still in his prime, but chemo and surgery will humble the strongest among us. I was at the ripe young age of 31, weighing in 40 pounds overweight with borderline high blood pressure. The Sunday afternoon he called to tell me about his cancer changed me and my family forever. The journey started... Just a couple years later I got another call and this time it was about Mom. She now had uterine cancer and had to have chemo and surgery, too. This confirmed that changes were an absolute must!!! At the time, all I knew is that I could control what I put in and on my body. I had dabbled at being vegetarian in college, but that was due to economic reasons, mostly.

Fast forward to today, Mom & Dad are still making a ruckus back in South Carolina. Dad turned 72 this year and Mom will have her 70th birthday in April of 2021. I am now 48 and have lost that 40 pounds, twice. I now focus on helping people to live their healthiest life.
Through this journey that started out with, 'Don't be Fat', to now asking, "How can I be functioning at 100% at age 100? I have learned a lot and connected some very unique dots. As you may know by now, I worked in the restaurant business for over 25 years and I married beautiful and brilliant woman who also is a devoted pescatarian. This made food the highlight of my movement for years. But as intermittent fasting evolved so did my thinking. What we eat matters. It's what we don't eat and when we eat that matters the most! As life moved on and things bubbled to the surface a system of pillars emerged.
I am aiming to be a centenarian, and at 48 I have a ways to go and a lot to reach for. In the meantime, I encourage you to join me as a longevitarian living in our modernized world. We must learn from the past and be in the present moment, while also looking forward to learn from the science in the years to come. I knew that health was so much more than what we ate and the style of exercise we chose to partake in
There are 8 pillars to living as a Modern Longevitarian.
Mindset - Breathe - Hydration - Sleep - Fuel - Movement - Get Uncomfortable - Connect