Mimi "Radiance" Burns

True EQ

In 2018 my husband, Steve and I, purchased land to create a campus and are now offering a high-end recording facility named Silverbirch Studios along with offering courses and classes for emotional health to develop the community where we can practice these tools with one another.

We united in a dream to transform the music industry, away from the rollercoaster, anxiety and isolation, into a campus where people could learn the tools for nourishing self-care. Once they connected and felt their needs were being met, we recognized they could then bring those same tools back into their communities via their music, concerts and public engagements. 

How do we transform the world? Supporting one another in the bigger vision and best version of sustainable care. Rise, bring your heart, you are needed.


Lighthouse Affects asks the question of the music industry, “are you truly leaving a legacy of support with your music?” What if we choose to realign our music to serve our communities and fans with emotional health? The emergence of LHA offers practices to build empathy and emotional literacy. At LHA, we align with those who know they are here to disrupt the status quo of toxicity and realign with a greater purpose, to serve our communities with integrity, healing, dignity and community. At Lighthouse Affects, we are using your music as a vehicle to begin those deeper conversations. 

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