Joan of Angels

The Miracle Makers Club

Reverend Dr Joan Hangarter, also known as Joan of Angels, is a Master Teacher, Visionary artist and skilled Dr of Chiropractic with a wealth of Mystic Wisdom to impart. For over 40 years she has helped people align their body, mind and spirit with their purpose and passion.
She has spent 40 years working with thousands of individuals to awaken to their destiny, and to live the life that best utilizes their talents and gifts. She is a renown oracle and spiritual teacher, guiding many leaders and visionaries with her unique channeled messages. Book a Soul Awakening Session to learn what your big picture reveals, heal your wounds, and create a game plan to achieve it. There are no limits when we align with spirit.
Joan is the mother of two adventurous Miracle Makers and resides at the Desert Heart Sanctuary in Coachella Valley.
Ordained: Nov 22, 2020
Awards: 2017 – Best Minor Role Female Actress for her lead role in The Assumptions, written and directed by Gina Carey. She also played parts in The Star Connection, Acts of Kindness and The One Year Pact.
Was on the George Noory Show – Coast to Coast with a segment on Angels and ET’s.
Has been a Speaker and Announcer at the Conscious Life Expo.
Founder of the Miracle Makers Club –
The Miracle Makers Club: Walk the Miracle Path!
The Miracle Pathway guided my children and me to discover the power of believing in our dreams. By using prayers, affirmations and visualizations, we formed the MMC in 1988 to transform our lives. By utilizing this guidance, you too will tap into the path of the divine and Awaken to Miracles.
· Align with your purpose
· Become a magnet for miracles
· Share your gifts with the world
· Courageously step into your destiny.
Awakening to Joan of Angels
On Halloween 2013, 33 angels asked to be painted in 30 days, thus revealing a portal to allow Joan of Angels to emerge as a messenger for divine beings.
Within the decade, she has become known as a visionary artist and oracle bringing messages of hope, miracles, healing and inspiration.
By accepting the Miracle Pathway, Joan discovered how to activate and open portals for divine transmissions from Angels and messengers to traverse through.