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The Stream of David

Channeling is not some weird, out-of-the-mainstream thing that many believe it to be. Everyone is actually a channel because everyone has their own Stream of Source energy flowing to them at all times and have access to the eternal knowledge of Source. Many turn the volume down on this Stream by ignoring it—allowing external information and the need to be “rational”, “sane”, or “normal” to drown out their connection.

You also lose access to your Stream when you are in a negative mindset. Your Stream is pure, positive energy, so when you are thinking negatively you are not vibrationally matched to them, and therefore do not have access to them. For the purpose of our work, when I refer to channeling I am speaking of the art of receiving downloads of spiritual guidance and communicating it via speech or writing for others.

“Like many who channel, I fell into this by chance—it found me. I was not looking to be a spiritual guru or motivational speaker.”

Once I started receiving The Stream’s communication, I found amazing clarity on every topic; the world made sense to me like never before. I now feel that I understand everything and everyone, even those considered to be the worst in our society—it’s truly incredible!

When we began communicating in a way in which I could ask questions and get clear answers, one of the first questions I asked The Stream was, “Why does the world need another channel? Is there anything left to say about the laws of the universe?”

They responded that the vast majority do not know these things—that many are slaves to the constant flow of information from media, opinions of their community leaders, and family traditions. They shared that like with any media or product, channeled material is developed by people—meaning there is a blending between the channel and source energy to produce communication that other humans can comprehend. This blending produces a “flavor” or brand to the material, and one brand does not appeal to all, thus the need for multiple channels.

The Stream of David

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